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Business & Personal Assistant for Anton Borzov
500 $
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Контактное лицо: Tatyana Khrustaleva
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Контактное лицо: Tatyana Khrustaleva

What will you be doing?

Your first priority will be assistance with Anton's investment bank Stratminds UX:

  • You will need to manage his calendar, keep track of important meetings, and remind him about them;

  • Search for and choose potentially interesting projects and companies that are worth investing in;

  • Prioritize with whom Anton should talk based on connections on LinkedIn and other platforms;

  • Schedule meetings with representatives of startups by communicating with them via email, etc.

Your second priority will be working with the Sunflower Fund:

  • You'll be responsible for a lot of communication with donors and grant-making organizations and coordinating all the logistics processes helping Ukrainian people to move to safer places.

  • You'll be checking all the information for relevance and correctness.

  • You'll also help with fundraising for the fond - you'll need to communicate with past donors, potential donors, vendors, and other organizations and funds via chats and emails, rarely calls.

Possibly, you'll assist with other personal tasks and projects as well.


  • Excellent English skills

  • Analytical skills

  • Problem-solving skills and creativity - you’ll receive tasks requiring a creative approach and the ability to find unique solutions.

  • Natural desire to help people - you love to make people’s lives better and easier.

  • Interest in the investment fund.

  • Multitasking skills - you feel confident juggling multiple tasks at a time.

  • Great communication skills - you know how to come up with clear, effective, and prompt responses to clients and potential partners.

Working hours:

Anton lives in California, so he expects you to have 4 overlapping working hours with him from 9 am to 1 pm PST (you may check the time difference via the link).

What we offer:

  • Part-time employment (4 working hours per day, 5/2).

  • Unique opportunity to work closely with an inspiring entrepreneur with years of experience, and grow within his projects.

  • Remote work.

Contacts: [email protected]

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Агентство по трудоустройству за границей Grintern
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