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Database Administrator
4000 $
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Контактное лицо: Andersen
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Контактное лицо: Andersen

Andersen, an international IT company, invites an experienced Database Administrator to work on a project for one of our US customers.

The customer provides a wide range of services in software development, web solutions, games, embedded systems, and low-level utilities, as well as multiplatform applications. Its clients are Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Epson, Samsung, Verizon, Nvidia, and others.

The project belongs to the Gambling industry.


- Managing a server;

- Installing, configuring, and maintaining PostgreSQL, servers, and tools;

- Installing, configuring, and managing replication databases;

- Performing database backup and recovery procedures;

- Creating backups and testing their sustainability;

- Managing database access;

- Monitoring and automating databases;

- Monitoring database performances and designing and developing SQL and PL/pgSQL code;

- Providing guidance and support to Application Developers;

- Identifying poorly performing queries and tuning the performance;

- Ensuring security compliance;

- Mitigating database-related risks and creating policies for the high availability of the databases;

- Implementing high-availability, clustering, and replication systems for the databases, performance, and capacity;

- Managing data and database versions;

- Implementing DR procedures.


- Experience as a Database Administrator for 3+ years;

- Experience with PL/pgSQL coding;

- Experience with PostgreSQL;

- Experience with SQL;

- Experience with DML and the principles of database design;

- Knowledge and understanding of business requirements;

- Problem-solving skills and analytical thinking;

- Excellent communication and teamwork skills;

- Understanding of compliance requirements (privacy, finance);

- Level of English – Upper-Intermediate.

Reasons why this job would be interesting to you:

- At Andersen, you will enhance your CV by working on projects for such global brands as Samsung, Johnson & Johnson, Ryanair, Europcar, and many others. Our company never runs out of good projects, so you won’t stay on the sidelines;

- You will be able to learn something new every day. If you want to change your domain or technology, we will help you with this. After all, Andersen has a huge knowledge base and a strong resource management institution;

- Our employees work from anywhere in the world: at the company's offices or from home, and even combine both formats in the way that suits them best. Coworking with compensation is also possible;

- You will have a stable competitive euro-pegged salary and enjoy an extensive benefit package. Also, if you want to, you will be able to increase your income by taking on additional activities;

- Your career will be in your hands! We offer a clear assessment system and draw a roadmap to your goals. Develop as a specialist or manager, and your achievements will be appreciated at their true value and rewarded.

Join us!


* The vacancy assumes the possibility of remote work (remote/on-site).

** We will only consider applications with a resume.

E-mail: [email protected]

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