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Sales Development Representative
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на layboard с 07.03.2023

Контактное лицо: Tatyana Khrustaleva
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Контактное лицо: Tatyana Khrustaleva

Sales Development Representative at Hire5 (former Grintern) - a California-based company helping global talents enhance their careers in US startups (remote).

Hire5 is a team of enthusiastic people who provide young aspiring talents around the world with remote opportunities to enhance their careers in the startups of Silicon Valley and other US-based companies.

We connect with high-potential US startups that need help and are ready to take junior, middle, or senior-level global remote talents to join their team. We deliver a fast, client-centric, cost-effective, and risk-free hiring process, and thus, we organize those win-win situations. And you’ll be surprised - our whole process from discussing the client’s needs to the new team member’s first working day takes no longer than 2 weeks!

Now, we are looking for a Sales Development Representative who will be finding and reaching out to new potential clients in order to help Hire5 scale.

Is that you who we are looking for? Apply now!

By joining Hire5, you'll become part of a small & efficient team of 10 passionate professionals and a thriving community of 300+ successful startups that have discovered their team members through Hire5. This is an excellent opportunity for you to excel in sales within the US market, make a meaningful contribution to our mission, witness the daily impact of your work, and experience personal and professional growth alongside our experienced team. You will also benefit from the mentorship of the founder, Anastasia Sartan, the former Head of Product at Snap, a dynamic entrepreneur with three thriving e-commerce businesses, and a renowned speaker at events like Google Startup Grind and Facebook F8.

What will you be doing?

The essential goal of this position is to research & attract new clients to the company and convert them first into the conducted calls, and potentially into closed sales deals. You have a chance to play a crucial role in increasing the company’s revenue and scaling the team further.

  • Generating leads pipeline (i.e., potential clients - startups, VC funds, accelerators, incubators, etc.) and new channels of leads (startup and VC lists, conferences, forums, social media channels, groups, etc.). We expect you to have the expertise & the toolkit in order to generate the leads in any way you believe will bring results to the business.

  • Coming up with new sales hypotheses and testing them to find new ways of lead generation.

  • Reaching out to potential clients via any possible means to make them interested and persuade them to schedule a Zoom call with an Account Executive - you will have to achieve a high conversion rate from the number of sent messages to the number of scheduled meetings and make sure that your efforts result in meeting the KPIs of scheduled Zoom calls per week.

  • Managing the CRM system - uploading all the data about the clients, updating statuses, tracking the progress, and making sure everything is constantly up-to-date.


  • Fluent English - you will be the face of the company and the first person to contact potential clients. You should be able to communicate with clients freely (and for sure with no grammar/spelling/typing mistakes).

  • 2+ years of experience with similar tasks, in English. If you have experience in the US market, that will be an advantage. If you have experience in B2B SaaS sales, that will be an advantage. If you have some expertise in email marketing, LinkedIn Videos, or other lead-generation activities that we’re not experts in yet, that will be an advantage as well - we’d love to create a diverse team skillset.

  • Amazing research skills - you love looking for information in not-obvious places, analyzing it, and doing the job deliberately, focusing both on quality and quantity.

  • Excellent writing skills - you will communicate with clients and represent Hire5, and each of your answers should lead to the achievement of the goal - scheduling the Zoom call and closing the deal.

  • Persistence - you do not hesitate to write lots of follow-ups or call them when potential clients are not answering, and you will continue reaching out to them until you get a clear yes/no response.

  • Orientation on results - you will have to make sure to have the needed amount of scheduled calls with potential clients per week, and the completion of the monthly & quarterly goals together with the rest of the sales team.

  • Self-reliance - you are a person who can work under no supervision, always make sure to complete your tasks, and meet deadlines.

  • Excellent organizing skills - you track each step in the system, always check that everything is done on time, never forget about clients and proactively follow them up, always put all the needed information into the needed folders/databases, etc.

  • Initiative & proactivity - you love proposing new ideas on how to find and attract more leads and improve the processes.

  • Desire to learn - you’ll need to learn a lot about the company and our services, so we’d expect you to have a huge passion for learning in order to not get stressed out by the amount of something you have never tried before.

  • Mission-sharing - you really care about young talents and their career aspirations, as well as about the startups’ founders’ valuable time, so you want to help those parties organize a win-win situation.

Working hours:

— If you are somewhere in the European part of the world, we’ll definitely expect you to work till at least 12 pm California time daily. So, an approximate schedule may be, for example, from 4 am to 12 pm California time, PST (you may check the time difference via the link).

— If you are somewhere in South America, we’ll need you to overlap with Europe as well. So, an approximate schedule may be, for example, from 5 am to 1 pm California time, PST (you may check the time difference via the link).

What we offer:

Full-time job (8 working hours per day, 5/2). For this vacancy, we will consider only the candidates with no other commitments like studies or plans to combine this job with another. We are looking for a full commitment and dedication.

Fully remote work. You may be located in almost any country or city, as all of our team members are. Our team now consists of 10 people and we are located all over the world - US, Argentina, Brazil, Poland, Turkey, Georgia, Belarus, and other countries.

— Opportunity to start a career in a US company with an inspiring mission.

— Opportunity to learn from a talented team of people who love their job.

— Opportunity to see the results of your work, contribute, and help Hire5 achieve new heights.

Professional growth within the company - this is not project work, we consider only the candidates looking for a 2+ years commitment.

Salary will be discussed during the interview.

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