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Data Engineer
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Контактное лицо: Andersen
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Контактное лицо: Andersen

Andersen, an international IT сompany, invites a Data Engineer to work on a project for one of our UK customers.

The task is to build an analytics platform that is capable of supporting Data Analysts who produce predefined structured data outputs. This development includes AWS Glue and Amazon QuickSight. Data will come from the production platform sources, including Event Bus (SNS), Postgres Databases, Amazon CloudWatch, and various flat files in S3 buckets.

The customer is a market leader in digital payment security. It provides payment solutions to legal and professional service industries, as well as to marketplaces and eCommerce platforms. The company's clients include top-tier law firms and lenders with a total amount in transactions of over £3 billion.


- Experience as a Data Engineer for 4+ years;

- Experience in working with or implementing Data Lake and/or Data Warehouse solutions using AWS capabilities and tools;

- Coding experience in Python/PySpark;

- Experience in designing, building, or operating Data Warehouse, Data Lake, or Lake House solutions, including data ingestion and replication, data transformation from T1 to T3, and implementation of solutions that use the resulting data for reporting and analytics;

- Understanding of Agile methodologies (Scrum/Kanban);

- Understanding of the Serverless and Event-Driven concepts;

- Level of English – Intermediate.


- Experience in data modeling, profiling, and quality control in production systems;

- Experience in the financial services industry;

- Experience with the AWS ecosystem, including S3, AWS Glue, PostgreSQL, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon Athena, AWS Lake Formation, AWS Lambda, Amazon Redshift, Amazon Kinesis, Amazon CloudWatch, AWS DMS/CDC, Amazon QuickSight, Amazon SNS, and Amazon Simple Queue Service;

- Knowledge of the best practices of data ingestion and storage (including tiering) and such file formats and structures as Apache Parquet, Apache Avro, and Apache ORC;

- Experience in developing software using CI/CD;

- Certification like AWS Big Data Speciality or AWS Data Analytics Speciality.

Reasons why this job would be interesting to you:

- At Andersen, you will enhance your CV by working on projects for such global brands as Samsung, Johnson & Johnson, Ryanair, Europcar, and many others. Our company never runs out of good projects, so you won’t stay on the sidelines;

- You will be able to learn something new every day. If you want to change your domain or technology, we will help you with this. After all, Andersen has a huge knowledge base and a strong resource management institution;

- Our employees work from anywhere in the world: at the company's offices or from home, and even combine both formats in the way that suits them best. Coworking with compensation is also possible;

- You will have a stable competitive USD-pegged salary and enjoy an extensive benefit package. Also, if you want to, you will be able to increase your income by taking on additional activities;

- Your career will be in your hands! We offer a clear assessment system and draw a roadmap to your goals. Develop as a specialist or manager, and your achievements will be appreciated at their true value and rewarded.

Join us!

* The vacancy assumes the possibility of remote work (remote/on-site).

** We will only consider applications with a resume.

E-mail: [email protected]

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