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40000 $
Контактное лицо: Daria Artyukhova
Телефон: +79856172832

In the innovative e-commerce start up project Debex.us, the position of the Sales Manager is open.

Potential customers of the company are: collection agencies and companies, as well as the banking sector in the USA. Your main task will be: work with the customer base to attract (more than 200 companies), as well as customer support on all issues related to the operation of the service.

We help to sell, buy, exchange your receivables for a more loyal debtor, as well as conduct a multilateral offset of your receivables.


Higher education;
B2B customer experience;
Experience in the banking sector, collection agency will be a plus;
Presentation and active sales skills;
Knowledge of the collector's market is an advantage;
Active life position, focus on results, ability to work in a team, learning ability;
Competent oral and written speech, business etiquette skills;

The desire to grow and develop with the company

Где работать?

Attracting new customers (working with a warm customer base), conducting presentations and negotiations and further customer support;
Preparation and approval of contracts, commercial terms;
Interaction with the operational and IT unit;
Preparation of reports for the head office of the company, execution of instructions of the head.

Условия работы:

Full-time: 5/2 from 10.00 to 19.00;

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