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на layboard с 13.06.2022

Контактна особа: Elijah Smith
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Контактна особа: Elijah Smith

We are inviting you to become a freelancer at our freelance service marketplace.

Working at our platform is relevant if you need:

a side job

a part-time job on particular days

a full-time distant job

Your work routine will involve the following: after you have signed up for our platform you see the constantly upgrading feed with various tasks which differ in cost and time limits. If you are sure that you are capable of completing a task, just choose this task. Then the client confirms that they are ready to give this task to you and the cost of the task gets frozen in their balance. This sum is reserved and added to your balance after you've successfully completed the task.

Our platform guarantees to provide freelancers with work, timely payment and support in case of conflicts which are very rare, e.g. the buyer isn’t satisfied with your work and our Disputes department will solve this situation.

Types of tasks at our freelance marketplace include the following:

  1. an easy job with no experience needed: writing a review, putting some adverts on advertising panels, doing some tasks in Excel, writing a transcript of an audio recording, finding information, comparing prices etc.
  2. standard freelance jobs: making a graphic banner, working with Photoshop, making and promoting websites, working with social networking sites, rewriting, copywriting, translation etc.
  3. student’s tasks: presentations, schematic drawing, tests, reports etc.
  4. in case you are in a densely populated city you might see some offline tasks, e.g. taking photos, mystery shopping etc.

You can choose particular tasks for yourself or complete various tasks. You can acquire different skills at the same time. The more you can do and know, the more interesting and highly paid tasks you can complete.

The cost of tasks varies between $5 and $50, it depends on the length of the project. Then you increase your rating by completing more tasks and improving your skills, and you can provide yourself with a good income. Experienced freelancers make $2000 - 3000 a month or more.

The currency of the platform is the American dollar. You can get your money through Paypal, but there are other ways to do it for those countries where Paypal doesn’t work (the Russian Federation). So, freelancers all over the world can work at our marketplace.

To become a freelancer you have to go to the link below (copy the link and paste it into the address bar in your browser), sign up as a freelancer and pay for the subscription to get access to tasks. The cost of the subscription is quite low ($4-$7 for half a year) and it allows you to work under the conditions of low competition and guarantees timely payment from the buyer.

If you enter the promo code fp365604 while you are topping up your balance to pay for the subscription, you will get $10 as a new user of the platform, and this bonus will cover your first expenses.

You can start earning today.

You don’t need to call or reply, as it’s not viewed.

To start working you should go to the freelance platform’s website and sign up as a freelancer. There are clear instructions how to start working and get the first project.

The link to the platform:


You need to copy it and paste into the address bar of your browser.

We are always happy to see new freelancers!

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IS Recruit

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на layboard с 13.06.2022

Агентство з працевлаштування за кордоном IS Recruit
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