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Project Manager
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The international IT сompany Andersen invites an experienced Project Manager to join its team.

Andersen is a European pre-IPO IT company uniting over 3,500 top-class professionals: developers, architects, testers, analysts, and other specialists.

The company builds high-quality software for world-known enterprises (UNESCO, Mercedes, Siemens, Johnson & Johnson, Ryanair, Verivox, etc.) by applying project management best practices and standards.

We invite you to join our large team that consists of more than 150 technical certified Project Managers. In the course of work, you will have an opportunity to exchange experiences and gain new knowledge in various areas and domains, and well-established management processes will allow you to reach a new level of advancement and career growth.


- Setting up, adapting, and managing processes on a project – from requirements gathering to technical support;

- Participating in pre-sales activities, interacting with customers, managing their expectations, and negotiating;

- Recruiting and forming a team, organizing collaborative work, setting a workflow, prioritizing, tracking deadlines, and motivating team members;

- Managing project deadlines, risks, and the customer’s business expectations;

- Planning, controlling, and allocating project budgets;

- Managing several projects simultaneously and coordinating the work on individual improvements;

- Regularly communicating with customers about advancement, strategies, and business goals.


- Experience as an IT Project Manager for 3+ years;

- Hands-on knowledge of Agile and the software development life cycle (SDLC) model;

- Excellent planning skills and the ability to quickly switch between projects without losing focus;

- Systematic thinking and the ability to find common ground with colleagues, partners, and customers;

- Self-confidence, the ability to competently argue your point of view, flexibility, initiative, perseverance, and responsibility;

- Ability to multitask and stress resistance;

- Level of English – Upper-Intermediate.


- Technical background;

- Experience in managing projects under various Agile contracts.

Reasons why this job would be interesting to you:

- For the past four years, our company has been growing annually by 60%-100%, and we constantly involve top-notch specialists in our team;

- We have been strengthening our expertise since 2007. During this time, we have formed excellent teams with streamlined processes, where you can learn something new from your colleagues every day and enjoy your work;

- Our employees are provided with a benefit package and an extensive set of bonuses;

- We welcome specialists from every part of the world. If you are interested in relocation, the company will advise and help you;

- There are many different ways to grow and develop at our company. You can improve as a specialist or a manager, and all your activities will be decently rewarded;

- We offer an opportunity to undergo training and gain certification from Scrum providers and such organizations as Kanban University, ICAgile, AWS, and many more;

- Our employees have access to the corporate training portal with such educational programs as Agile PM, Growth Mindset for Agile Delivery, DevOps Practices, Cloud Service, and others, as well as training on project management, negotiations and sales, etc.

We invite you to join our team!

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Агентство з працевлаштування за кордоном Andersen
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