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3740 €
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Контактна особа: Оксана
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Контактна особа: Оксана

Vacancy: Automechanic/Technician in Denmark

Location – Denmark (Birkerød, Brøndby, Helsingør, Glostrup, Køge, Næstved, Aarhus)

Salary: 170-190/h (€ 22.85-25.5/h)

monthly salary approx gross DKK 28620 (€ 3850)

Hours per month – 159, working hours per week - 37

Type of employment: full time/seasonal work

Experience: min – 2 year

The Danish network of auto repair shops is looking for experienced car mechanics/technicians for service and repairs of all brands and models of the personal cars up to 3500 kg.

About the company:

The company has more than 30 years of experience in the market with big base of loyal customers. Today it has 31 branches across the country and expects this number to increase in the next few years. A full cycle auto repair shops can solve all the problems related to the maintenance and repair of client’s car.

The basic values of the company are: Quality, Efficiency, Communication, Trust and Openness.

Requirements for applicants:

  • knowledge and experience in service and repairs of the personal cars up to 3500 kg;
  • conversational level of English;
  • ideally education within mechanics;
  • absence of bad habits;
  • physical ability to work;
  • the ability to work independently, be critical of own work and pay attention to details;
  • discipline, diligence, conscientious attitude to work.

We offer:

  • high salary;
  • pension and health insurance;
  • stable and interesting workplace with good opportunities for career growth and development;
  • well-equipped repair shops with the latest equipment;
  • a continuing education program to gain the latest knowledge
  • work in a pleasant atmosphere with a healthy and informal climate in all repair shops.

Required documents:

  • EU passport.
  • for Ukrainian citizens who have the opportunity to travel or already are in Europe- a biometric passport.

Additional information:


Option 1: we provide – the monthly rent is 6500 DKK (approximately €873)

Option 2: the employee finds it himself, cost 0.

Living conditions: Furnished 4 room apartment with personal room.

Medical insurance - state, 100% coverage.

The term of the contract is not limited.

Vacation - 5 weeks

Contract termination notice - 2 weeks

Working hours: 08:00 - 16:00

Lunch - 30 min

Working clothing and tools are provided.

Assistance in registration - 100%.

Accompanying family – allowed.

Transfer to Denmark, transfer to the place of work and meals - on their own, at the expense of the employee.

If you are interested in our offer,

please send your сv to e-mail: [email protected]

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